WorkSpace for the Creative Community

A collaborative workspace especially for the creative community. A motivating space with creatively inspirational and spatially calm settings, to make work more fun and productive

Back-end support and High Tech
Equipments at Affordable prices

This shared work space is answering a true need for emerging fashion companies, start-ups and independent designers, by providing them with various vital resources, and all the necessary equipment for an affordable monthly fee.

Mentor-ship & Expert Help

We have industry experts managing the workspace and help designers solve design problems and troubleshoot machines. The space will host workshops and guest speakers to help designers hone their technical skills and develop business skills they’ll need to build profitable business.

We Also Focus In Having A Good Balance Between More Established Brands And Youngsters In Order To Optimize The Learning Potential Of Each Designer.

An Ecosystem for anyone who
Likes to get creative

The workspace also supports complementary fashion-related businesses like photographers, bloggers, stylists, image consultants, makeup artists, fabricators, artists, creative writers, supply chain management or magazine publishing to have a diverse range of expertise on the same working floor.


Don't let your dreams be dreams. Join today!

We Created An Environment That Serves Not Only Professional Needs, But Also Organically Forms And Nurtures A Vibrant Community.



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