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An inspirational talk by Simrun Chopra, a health & fitness influencer and the founder of Nourish With Sim May 9th’ 2019, Simrun Chopra conducted an exclusive session for the cospaze members on how to set priorities and attain their fitness

An Inspirational Talk By Simrun Chopra, A Health & Fitness Influencer And The Founder Of Nourish With Sim

Issues like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), gestational diabetes, and putting on a whopping 20kilos due to her calorie rich diet. She was already struggling with low confidence and mood swings {common for women with pcos} and the body shaming did nothing to help. However, things came to head when she simply collapsed one day, unable to move. She was diagnosed with a degenerated disc and because she was breastfeeding, painkillers couldn’t be subscribed. She spent the next few weeks crawling on fours. After going through cycles of excruciating pain and periods of feeling only slightly better, simrun decided to take the doctor’s advice seriously and work on improving her fitness.


She went back to doing it the tried-and-tested way: strength, cardio and a sensible nutrition plan, with sunday being a rest day. At first, it seemed like too much food, but she persisted eating balanced, healthy meals and snacks spaced out all through the day, and avoided carbonated beverages, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, fried stuff, refined flour and packaged food.
She was diligent about working out. She lost 4 kg in the first month. In five months, she dropped four sizes and 22 kilos. With her transformation, the pcos corrected itself, and she now has no back problems. From not being able to sit through a movie, she now goes rock climbing. She says, “now, I have realised how far I have come, and how important it was to be fit and not skinny.

- Now she strongly promotes: if she can do it, so can anyone. And she talks about some easy tips to attain goals.

- Begin by setting your priorities, your health should feature as a priority.

- Go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time everyday. 6 hours of quality sleep is what the goal should be.

- Hence, mobile phones or any devices should be kept away, at least 30 minutes before bedtime, and 30 minutes after waking up.

- Develop a routine, start with one simple habit, and do it everyday, preferably at the same time.

- Include a workout, any physical activity, it could be as simple as a walk, but important to keep the organs moving. Make this part of the routine, even if it is for only 10 mins some days, but important is never to skip this get rid of junk food, which is equivalent to CRAP


C – Carbonated Beverages

R – Refined Food

A – Artificial Sweeteners

P – Processed Food

Instead, get in a habit to eat real food, which includes

F – Fruits & Vegetables

O – Organic (only when possible)

O – Omega 3 (If you don’t eat fish 5 times a week, you get the required amount only from a supplement)

D – Dairy & Drink Water

According to Simrun, you don’t need any fancy diet; the best thing for you is your home food, the kind that you have grown up eating. So eat a well balanced and nutritious diet.

So set realistic goals and make them part of your routine “shedding weight is all about eating clean and exercising right”

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