Sis paid document translation service has been designed for simplicity. Once an account is created the user uploads the documents through an intuitive interface. In the next screen one can select the source language of the documents, and select one or more target languages. Thereafter, the translated document is emailed to the registered email of the user.™’s document translation is done solely on machines using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. NLP is an artificial intelligence technique that learns from prior translation of several documents. This is the same technique used by google® translate and other device / web based translation systems.


Is an android development arm of dasmicllc that has been active since 2015. The current portfolio contains 25 apps. An especially popular app is undelete & backup contacts, which is one of the more popular apps in the android ecosystem with over 100,000 installs. Coju.mobiis at top 5% app publisher in android worldwide. Four of’sapp is listed in top 500 apps in many countries. It is also the developer of an ai platform which is a machine learning library in .net which can be used in xamarintoo. (for inquires & more details on this platform please contact us)

Souled Out was born in the midst of the lockdown when thoughts of dining out were a lost dream but the taste buds tingled with longing. A project fueled by necessity and pursued with passion, Souled Out is a combination of our aspiration to offer customers an array of delicacies to choose from while giving talented Home Chefs a space to showcase their culinary skills.


ScreenL is a real time customer feedback system which allows a business to get insights on various parameters of a customer index. No downloading of any app as it comes integrated with a 10.1 or a 7 inch tablet with floor or wall mount system.

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