Low Costs

Lowering hiring and recruiting costs through centralized management of sourcing, interviewing, applicant tracking systems, candidate management, on-boarding and employee engagement and retention.


Register Brand

No need for company incorporation in India. We will facilitate your staffing needs under our registered brand, and offer workspaces that are conducive to a healthy and competitive work environment.


Project Management

In addition to staffing and providing workspace, we will also take care of project consultancy and management of the remote teams. We will also provide you access to telepresence robots to conduct team meetings and access to IP cameras to get to watch your team live. You will also receive attendance reports on a monthly basis.



We all know that the younger generation has a very different attitude toward the concept of “work” and “employment.” They place far greater emphasis on workplace flexibility and professional independence. As a result, many are choosing to work on a contingency basis rather than as an FTE. We offer consolidation of the permanent and contingent talent pools into one program, organizations are better able to source the right talent in any situation.


Permanent Workforce

By consistently engaging all types of workers, contingent talent is effectively motivated to share the same commitment to your organization as your permanent workforce.

Why Choose Us

Remote development teams can work wonders for your venture if you take steps in the right direction. Globally, startups and businesses have realized the power of remote developing and are increasingly adopting remote development processes. Engaging remote developers have its own set of advantages which include the following:

Continuous Development:

Remote teams work around the clock. As remote developers are from a different time zone, this ensures that your company/startup/product is being built around the clock. Also, remote development leads to fewer distractions due to unnecessary breaks and loud office work culture. All this shortens the time-to-market (TTM)

Greater Engagement:

According to several industry surveys and studies, it has been proven that remote workers are more engaged than their peers who work in an office. With modern video conferencing tools, remote developers feel more connected than the developers who work inside an office environment.

Suitable Work Environment:

Remote development promotes better work culture- both for remote developers as well as other team members. Developers enjoy their own freedom and less pressure. With a remote culture, they are more comfortable to work, which increases their productivity. And as development is remote, an in-house team can work on core activities without distractions or the unstructured environment.

Expands Development Capabilities:

By collaborating remotely with developers in different regions of the world, you are indirectly expanding your market reach. As your hired developers are engaged with your startup closely, they are unpaid brand ambassadors who can promote your product to potential customers in their region.

Expands Market Reach:

When you go the remote route, you have a greater potential of hiring much-talented developers at a reasonable compensation. Compared to an in-house team, this leads to improved development capabilities.